Bikram Writing

bikram_post_300x300Bikram Writing

What: A writing class that incorporated elements of yoga
When: 2009-Present
Roles: Founder & Teacher
Story: After three months of daily Bikram Yoga, I wished there was a writing-class-equivalent. McSweeney’s published a humorous piece I wrote about this idea. In time, I turned the concept into an actual class.
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Message in a bottle

826_post_300x300Message in a Bottle

What: A  window display, penpal exchange, and treasure hunt
When: Summer and Fall, 2010
Roles: Built and held the creative vision, planned project events
Key Players: 826 Valencia and Bethany Senior Center
Highlight: The displays of emotion when penpals met each other
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Heist Boutique

Heist_post_300x300Heist Boutique

What: A window display that masqueraded as a boutique
When: Spring 2013
Role: Built and held the creative vision
Key Player: Roxie Movie Theater
Highlight: The conviction factor – People believed The Roxie really was closing and becoming a boutique
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broadside_post_300x300Broadside Attractions

What: Creating traditional and contemporary interpretations of the historic broadside
When: Spring 2012
Role: Co-collaborator
Key Players: Maw Shein Win, Megan Wilson, Kevin Chen, Intersection for the Arts
Highlight: Watching people interact within our installation
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